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Gone in seconds. The Excavator Mulchers

“They are called excavator mulchers. That’s polite. What they really do is swallow trees. This one, a DAH Forestry Mulcher from Quebec’s manufacturer Denis Cimaf, consumes a 30-foot-tall, mature spruce (starting at the top, landing at the bottom) in 15 seconds. The tree that was, suddenly isn’t.”

Text via NPR

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How cork is made: An illustrated guide to the cork production process

It all starts in the forest. Cork oaks are harvested every nine years, once they reach maturity. It doesn’t harm the tree, and the cork bark regrows. Most cork forests are in Portugal and Spain. See it HERE

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Wannes Goetschalckx’s Toothpick

I had an idea. I will make a toothpick. From a tree, by hand.
* Artist’s statement (letter of intention, January 2011).

The starting point for Wannes Goetschalckx’s Toothpick Project, was an immense poplar installed at the Casino Luxembourg, which was to be carved with his own hands into one toothpick. From September until December 20011, he has been harnessed to this colossal task.