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The Satellite – Visualization Development

A detailed account of where we’re at with visualization software for The Satellite including the new generative clouds.

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A Geological Survey of Venus

Topographic Map of Venus

Radar Image Map

Altimetric and Shaded Relief Map

Geomorphic/Geologic Map of the Northern Hemisphere of Venus


The Venus Exploration Analysis Group (VEXAG) was established by NASA in July 2005 to identify scientific priorities and strategy for exploration of Venus. VEXAG is currently composed of a chair and five focus groups. The focus groups will actively solicit input from the scientific community. VEXAG will report its findings and provides input to NASA, but will not make recommendations.
The Lunar and Planetary Institute is a research institute that provides support services to NASA and the planetary science community, and conducts planetary science research under the leadership of staff scientists, visiting researchers, and postdoctoral fellows.

All images via Venus Map Catalog

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Eyes on Darfur: Mapping Political Destruction

Ishma, Darfur, before and after attacks in 2004-2005.Ishma, Darfur, before and after attacks in 2004-2005.

‘It’s been forty years since the first images of Earth from space were captured, but the sight of our planet is still inspiring. Now, Amnesty International is harnessing the power of these images and putting them to work for human rights. Thanks to high resolution satellite imagery, human rights advocates can now document abuses anywhere in the world – even in countries that are sealed off from on-the-ground researchers. All from 280 miles above the Earth’s surface. To make the Eyes on Darfur project possible, Amnesty International acquired commercially-available high resolution satellite imagery. The images were obtained in GeoTIFF format and imported into ERDAS Imagine and ArcGIS for viewing and analysis. The analysis of the images was undertaken by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) to determine the extent of damage to the structures visible in each image.’

Via Eyes on Darfur

Porta Farm, Sudan, before and after attacks in 2006. Porta Farm, Sudan, before and after attacks in 2006.