pseudo-aleatory 004

a. Katsuhiro Otomo
b. William Claxton. Life’s A Parade, New Orleans.
c. Dear Bruno, Thank you very much for the magazine with your article, and the excellent translation. Best Wishes, Norman McLaren (1958).
d. Half Armor of a Member of the Papal Swiss Guard – 1600AD.
e. Exploded skull by 18th century French Anatomist Claude Beauchene.

(...) · Architectonic · Paint/Illust./Mix-Media · Photographics

pseudo-aleatory 003

a.) “Druzhba Holiday Center Hall” (Yalta, Ukraine, 1984)© Frederic Chaubin
b.) Jeremy Geddes’ “Adrift”
c.) Alex Chinneck
d.) A little boy dwarfed by a supersized cabbage in Matanuska Valley, Alaska, 1959.
e.) Bennett Slater
f.) Toronto based illustrator Brian Donnelly


pseudo-aleatory 002

a.) Moby Dick – Marc Burckhardt
b.) Fussreliquiar. Gold-plated copper. For the relic of one of the innocent children of Bethlehem. Goldsmith Oswald About Linger Eberler, Basel. Silver. Origin: Basel (BS), Cathedral Treasury, ca. 1450.
c.) St. John and Veronica dyptich (right wing). Hans Memling (Memlinc), Netherlandish, c. 1430 – 1494
Oil on wood, 31,6 x 24,4 cm, National Gallery of Art, Washington
d.) “Bricks” – Still life for Apartamento. Ana Dominguez & Omar Sosa

(...) · Performativity · Photographics

pseudo-aleatory 001

a. Man sitting in the jaws of a fossil shark. c. 1910s

b. Children playing in the ruins Seville. 1933. Henri Cartier-Bresson

c. The “Mercury Seven,” the seven original American astronauts: Alan Shepard, Gus Grissom, John Glenn, Scott Carpenter, Wally Schirra, Gordon Cooper, and Deke Slayton (1960)