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A Dolls’ House. 20 Starchitects and designers build a dolls’ house for KIDS

20 of the world’s best architects and designers build a dolls’ house for KIDS, an organization working with disabled children, young people and their families. HERE is where you can find details on all of the dolls’ houses, the architects behind these unique creations and place your bid.

The online site will be frozen at 12pm on Monday 11th November and further bids taken only at the auction event that evening. Highest bidders will be invited to attend the event or offered the opportunity to make a proxy bid. For further clarification on the bidding process, please contact

AMODELS. Creative architectural model makers

ADJAYE ASSOCIATES. In collaboration with Base Models and artist Chris Ofili

DRMM. In collaboration with Richard Woods Studio and Grymsdyke Farm

ZAHA HADID ARCHITECTS. Internationally renowned, award-winning architects

See more houses THERE

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Mimi Lopar: Substandard housing and low-resolution tales

“I’m so glad to see (and hear) that little Mimi Lopar finally released her music! She always was a nasty yet adorable myopic thing cycling her way through the favelas at all hours terrorizing and delighting residents with her peculiar, catchy songs. Legend has it if Mimi grants a hug or kiss, she leaves behind a tiny, gooey octagonal hole the recipient’s forehead. Aha – an inlet for her music.” — Panasia Alipia Athenaeum

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Increasing Number of Kids Are Growing Up Addicted to Porn

UK government officials have been warned that a “guinea pig” generation of children is becoming addicted to hardcore internet porn.

A cross-party Independent Parliamentary Inquiry Into Online Child Protection concluded in a report on Wednesday that the government and internet service providers need to do more to stop children from easily gaining access to pornography and websites with violent content.

The inquiry found that four out of five 16-year-old boys and girls regularly access porn on the internet and one in three ten-year-old children has seen explicit sexual material, according to a cross party report.

Additionally, the report revealed that more than a quarter of young patients at a leading private clinic are being treated for addiction to online pornography.

One parliament member said that her son had told her that his students at his school frequently traded memory sticks that contained hardcore pornographic images.

Excerpt of an article written by Christine Hsu at Medical Daily