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The Wheel of Worry

See it larger at Day of the Dreamweavers

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Invisible Residents: The Human Microbiome Project

The Human Microbiome Project has spent two years surveying bacteria and other microbes at different sites on 242 healthy people. The chart below hints at the complex combinations of microbes living in and on the human body.

See a larger infographic at the NYT


On Khader Adnan’s hunger strike to protest detention without charges.

Via Visualizing Palestine

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The Elements of Image Making by Eric Stewart

Perhaps applicable to all time-based practices. Thank you Eric Stewart. Via

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Connectograms and Circos Visualization Tool

Connectograms are circular representations introduced by LONI researchers in their NeuroImage article “Circular representation of human cortical networks for subject and population-level connectomic visualization:

“This article introduces an innovative framework for the depiction of human connectomics by employing a circular visualization method which is highly suitable to the exploration of central nervous system architecture. This type of representation, which we name a ‘connectogram’, has the capability of classifying neuroconnectivity relationships intuitively and elegantly.”

Details of the graphic are explained in the PLoS article. The outermost ring shows the various brain regions by lobe (fr – frontal, ins – insula etc.). The left (right) half of the connectogram figure represents the left (right) hemisphere of the brain and the brain stem is at the bottom, 6 o’clock position of the graph.

Phineas Gage Skull with reconstructed steel rod pathway and damage (Source: PLoS ONE). Based upon this geospatial model of the damaged brain overlaid against the typical brain connectogram from the healthy population they created another connectogram indicating the connections between brain regions lost or damaged in the accident.

Excerpts of an article via Visualign

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Infographic: Women in Architecture

Via Archdaily

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The Scale of the Universe

The Scale of the Universe is a visualization created by Cary Huang. This interactive scale of the universe shows the relative sizes of “everything” from the micro to the macro.