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Abandoned Star Wars film sets in South-Tunisia

From the series No More Star (Star Wars) This is a series of photographs taken in the abandoned movie sets of the film saga Star Wars, filmed in different locations in the south of Tunisia. The backdrop of Luke Skywalker’s home on the fictional desert planet Tatooine. A project by Rä di Martino.

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Beggar in the ruins of the Star Wars.

Scene from Star Wars. Luke in Tatooine.

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Film As Ethnography

This work examines the reasons why anthropologists have not used the camera as a research instrument or film as a means of communicating ethnographic knowledge. It suggests that images and words in this discipline operate on different logical levels; that they are hierarchically related; that whereas writings may encompass the images produced by film, the inverse of this cannot be true. The author argues for this position further by suggesting that the visual is to the written mode as “thin description” (giving a record of the form of behaviour) is to “thick description” (giving an account of meaning). Film As Ethnography: Edited by
Peter Ian Crawford and David Turton. Text and Image via Amazon

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