Mechanics of suspended time by MUFI.RE -Rui Almeida-

Improvised with an antique clock with unique characteristics due to it’s malfunction and two additional clocks equally as old but working perfectly. Driven by the usual premise: the reaction to stimuli on the unpredictability of (seemingly) random sounds, and in this particular case the management of confrontation between different measures of time.

Recorded in Guimarães, Portugal, June 2012. Special thanks to Luís Gonçalves.

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Via Impulsive Habitat

Design · Earthly/Geo/Astro · Sculpt/Install · Sonic/Musical

The Sound of the Earth by Yuri Suzuki

The Sound of the Earth is a content of Yuri Suzuki`s spherical record project, the grooves representing the outlines of the geographic land mass.
Each country on the disc is engraved with a different sound, as the needle passes over it plays field recordings collected by Yuri Suzuki from around the world over the course of four years; traditional folk music, national anthems, popular music and spoken word broadcasts.

An aural journey around the world in 30 minutes.