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The Scotch Tape Series

The Scotch Tape Series by Wes Naman. See more HERE

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Mouth Factory

Chewing drill

“Mouth Factory”, by Cheng Guo, is a series of functional machines specifically designed to be operated by the mouth of the user. It explores the capabilities and versatility of this wondrous organ and correlating facial expressions, re-contextualized within the realm of production. As a comment on human enhancement, the project aims to explore the aesthetic of production through a series of performative devices. By focusing on the mouth, the production devices acquire a fantastic quality that amplifies and render visible the reciprocal relationship and effects between our body and our tools.

Inhaling vacuum form machine

Blowing rotational molding machine

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Social Needs Help Sculpt Primate Faces

Color and pattern complexity in the faces of New World primates align with their social needs, according to research by University of California, Los Angeles, biologists. Those who live isolated from their kind have more distinctive facial color and markings. Those who live with more of their own tend to have plain faces, which could make facial expressions stand out more. In this diagram, warmer colors indicate greater complexity in facial color patterns. Illustrations of species here include drawings of (1) Cacajao calvus, (2) Callicebus hoffmansi, (3) Ateles belzebuth, (4) Alouatta caraya, (5) Aotus trivirgatus, (6) Cebus nigritus, (7) Saimiri boliviensis, (8) Leontopithecus rosalia, (9) Callithrix kuhli, (10) Saguinus martinsi and (11) Saguinus imperator.

Excerpt of an article written by Catherine Clabby, at American Scientist. Continue HERE. Illustrations by Stephen Nash. Figure courtesy of the Proceedings of the Royal Society B.