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HOW TO SING (Meine Gesangskunst) by Lilli Lehmann

How to Sing is one of the most influential of all singing guides by Lilli Lehmann, one of opera’s first international superstars. Explores how to breathe correctly, produce a ringing head tone and execute a proper trill as well as important nuances of vocal expression, language, and role interpretation. Features recommended vocal exercises and guidelines for proper care of the voice.

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Breath into electricity

AIRE is a mask that converts wind energy (provided by the wearer’s breath) into electricity for the recharging of small electronic devices.

The consumerist tendencies of today’s industrialized society make the use of gadgets increasingly common, either by necessity or hobby. Though many of our gadgets offer benefits, they tend to consume a high amount of electrical energy. This may cause problems for the environment, especially if the energy used by these devices is derived from non-renewable sources.

The use of renewable energy sources is the most important step we can take for the minimization of environmental damage. Harnessing energy from human activities and transforming it into electrical energy is possible, and is a great solution to such energy issues.

AIRE offers a way to do this. It is an electronic mask capable of converting the wind energy provided by the wearer’s breath into electrical energy. Inside the unit there are small wind turbines that make the conversion and the energy is transferred through a cable to one’s small electronic device.

can be used in any situation, indoors or outdoors. It can be used while you sleep, walk, run, or read a book, for example. Besides saving energy (and contributing to environmental preservation), it also encourages the practice of physical exercise. Its energy is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Design by João Paulo Lammoglia. Text via RED DOT