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“Wanderlust arises as an emotional epidemic,” wrote Daniel Garrison Brinton in his 1902 book The Basis of Social Relation. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, his usage was one of the first English appropriations of the German word– he described it as a “goading restlessness” that drove tribes “into aimless roving.” Since then, a multiplicity of authors/artists have chosen the word Wanderlust as a title for their books, songs, and many other forms of expression. This is a word that will accompany humanity for a long while.

Now, this Wanderlust here, was initiated by me, Sebastian Alvarez, as an Internet Radio Show (Thanks to freeradiosaic.org) in March 2007. Wanderlust consisted of two hours of music/sound/noise and other audio messages that entered the listener’s brain every Sunday from 4-6pm (Chicago Time). Today, Wanderlustmind is an abstract token memory, a dejavu that never ends.

(Wanderlust does not intend to bring you the latest news out there. Instead, it aims at providing you a select group of information from different sources, times, locations, and contexts. Like us, many of the posts and images will disappear at some point.)


Here I am, quantifying myself, mediating my human condition through a flat rectangular box that stores binary numbers and manipulates data.

My customizations and theme choices partially reveal my socio-political and psychosomatic background. By collecting thoughts, ideas, memories and feelings I become a member of a community lacking cohesiveness. A community connected by phone lines, fiber optic lines, coaxial cables, satellites, and wireless connections. The Web is too vast, so is the world. The number of internet users in this virtual ecosystem is too vast, and so is the people without Web access.

Here I am, using this virtual ecosystem created by people I have never met. I do not know if I am polluting it or actually purifying it.

Here I am in a graphic environment that articulates the self as a networked database.

Here I am with my innate desire to make visible who I am as if it wasn’t enough just to know.

I am work in progress.

Sebastian Alvarez

At the time, Wanderlust is based in Oakland, CA, usA.

16 thoughts on “|||| ||||

  1. Nice portrait, Sebelk.

    I declare – WANDERLUST is becoming a movement!

    Your faithful follower,


  2. Dear Friend,
    Any chance you could send me a quick email? I would really like to continue a conversation without posting it. Thanks.


  3. Hey Sebastian,

    great site. I’ve just subscribed.

    One little ask: if you are using my works on the sidebar, please put a link to davidope.com or dvdp.tumblr.com.

    Thank you in advance and keep on the good work!


  4. David! Thank you so much for pulling my ear…I totally thought that I had the images as an active link. I really love your work. Big Fan here.

  5. Captivating and Stimulating. This is one of very few blogs that hits the spot! Thank you.

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