Inside the Cosmonaut Survival Kit

NASA spent nearly 20 years developing a form of space ice cream that astronauts found palatable. Meanwhile, the Soviet space program was working on stuff like this:

That’s the NAZ-3 survival kit. It was designed in 1968 for the Soviet Soyuz spacecraft, the reliable workhorse of space flight which is still in use today. As outlined on this interesting site about the Russian space program, the kit contained the following from top left to bottom right:

– Makarov pistol and ammunition
– wrist compass
– 18 waterproof matches with striker
– machete; fishing kit
– strobe light with spare battery
– 8 fire starters
– folding knife
– antenna
– 3-pair wool gloves
– signal mirror
– NAZ-7M type medical kit
– penlight
– R-855-YM or R-855-A1 radio
– two “Priboy 2S”, ПРИБОЙ-2С radio batteries
– three wool balaclava hoods.

The pistol was intended to scare off “wolves, bears, tigers, etc.” on the event of a crash landing.

Via The Appendix

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