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The Space History SALE

Space History auctions focus on space exploration from the early days of Project Mercury and Vostok through the Gemini missions, the historic Apollo moon landings, Soyuz, Skylab, ASTP, and beyond.

The auctions feature photographs, flight plan sheets, Robbins medallions, models, patches, emblems, flags, lunar surface equipment and other hardware, much of it flown and often signed and inscribed by astronauts and cosmonauts such as Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Yuri Gagarin.

The sales take place annually in New York, and highlights have included Armstrong’s “One Small Step for a Man” signed quotation ($150,000), the Apollo 11 lunar surface star chart ($218,000) and Leonov’s 1975 ASTP space suit ($240,000). Bonhams is a market leader in this rapidly growing field. Go to Bonhams for more info.

Sold for US$ 9,375 inc. premium: SOVIET SURFACE-TO-AIR MISSILE ENGINE. Liquid propellant sustainer powerplant, designed by the bureau of celebrated rocket engine designer Alexei M. Isayev. 39 x 14 x 14 inches, approximately 140lb when crated. Constructed of various alloys, one duct with cloth tape insulation and paper label reading “20[Cyrillic D]6510-30/3,” various inspection marks mostly in red. Apparently unfired.

Sold for US$ 8,125 inc. premium: Flown packet of dehydrated Potato Soup, 7 x 8 inches. An attached identification label reads: “POTATO SOUP, 5 oz. hot water, 5 – 15 minutes, 058” with an inspection stamp. On the reverse side an additional tag reads: “SERIAL NO. FAU 473.” Included is a Typed Letter Signed by FRED HAISE. Potato Soup carried on the Apollo 13 flight but not consumed.

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