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The Shark Whisperer

If “Jaws” were based on facts, this article would have been written post mortem. Shark diver Jim Abernethy and the Tiger sharks of the Bahamas beg to differ – we joined them for some underwater adventure. Let there be no misunderstanding: Sharks are potentially dangerous. Slipping into the water with them demands years of experience and expertise. Luckily, Jim Abernethy has both a plenty. In the diving business since 1981, Jim has hosted the likes of IMAX, National Geographic, BBC Wildlife, Animal Planet, and the Discovery Channel on his boat the Shear Water. Moreover, Jim is no mere adrenalin junkie looking for a quick thrill but a man on a mission. His Stop Eating Shark Fin Soup shirt really says it all. The mission is to conserve them and change our perception of sharks in order to ensure their survival for our common future. His intimate interaction with sharks and his correlating suspension of physical laws usually applicable to divers makes comparisons with Aquaman unavoidable. Based in West Palm Beach, Jim’s true domain are the waters of the Bahamas, with their populace of Caribbean Reef sharks, Lemon, Bull and foremost Tiger sharks.

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