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Robot-Readable Gardens

According to Tuinbouw Technisch Atelier BV, a Dutch company that advertises itself as “a leading supplier of equipment for handling and selection of young plants and other equipment for growers and industries,” the Combifix (above) is your best choice for consolidation of young plant trays.

The advantage of repairing Young Plant trays is an optimum use of available space and uniformity in plant material. Consequently, the market is asking for 100% filled young plant trays for use with automated transplanting. There’s no other machine on the market available with a higher capacity for fixing trays. The CombiFix is designed as a moveable small single frame (3,8 x 2,2 meter) in which all processes occur.

How does the CombiFix operate?

The CombiFix conveys the plug trays into the machine where the trays are qualified by a Vision based selection system. Based on the Vision selection criteria, each cell are determined to be Go or No Go. Waste plugs are removed from the tray by way of a pneumatic extraction system. After extraction, trays are moved into a donor and receiving position. Subsequently, the TTA plant grippers pick up plants from the donor tray with use of a pusher pin system. At the receiving tray, the empty cells are replaced with plants until it is 100% filled.

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