Paint/Illust./Mix-Media · Performativity · Science

Anatomical Resumolio (Resume/Portfolio)

Danny Quirk on his Resumolio: “Being a witty individual, knowledgeable in the sciences and a talented artist, I wanted to make something that showed the level of work I was capable of with a conceptual twist. I wanted to make something that would catch the eye, and leave the viewer impressed. In the past, it seems that resumes put an artist at a disadvantage. All their color was to be deduced to black and white, 12 point font, lacking the one thing that they were trying to show—their artwork. SO, having made a bunch of pieces for Dr. Frank Scali’s manuscripts, thought it could be kind of cool to make a resume based off a medical textbook, that would also show off the portfolio, thus giving rise to the ‘Resumolio’ . All the images used in this are hand made, and done in watercolor. The type was laid on in Photoshop.”

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