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Can thermal perception change behaviour?

Professor Joseph Giacomin is the director of the Human Centered Design Institute. In this book he takes the readers on a visual journey into the world of perception enhancement. The term expresses the multiplicity of new technologies acting to augment human sensory abilities, permitting us to see, hear and feel the world through technological eyes, ears and hands. Enhancing human perception is not new even the Greeks and the Romans regularly used their magnifying lenses but humanity has never before had at its fingertips the range of sensor, signal processing and cognitive technologies flooding the market today. Can we see in the dark? Can we see through walls? Can we see heat? Of course we can. This is the 21st century! As we embark on this short picture tour of what our world looks like through artificial eyes, emotional and thought provoking images of the well known and of the unusual provide a brief glimpse into what the world around us looks like when we are willing to transcend our normal perceptual abilities. This visual diary will be an inspiration for future artists, designers and scientists.

The premise of the author’s research group at Brunel University in the UK, Perception Enhancement Systems, is that leveraging our sensory systems through the use of advanced technology can enhance our understanding.

Text and Image via Amazon UK

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