DRIP: Melted Styrofoam sculptures by Takashi Masubuchi

August 30, 2012

Have you ever tried to paint the Styrofoam balls in a model solar system, only to have them disintegrate in front of your eyes? Well, I learned the hard way, that Petroleum based paint products will dissolve Styrofoam. But student artist Takashi Masubuchi used these paints to his advantage to create his senior thesis exhibition project. To create “drip,” Masabuchi climbed up onto a gigantic cube of Styrofoam, slowly and carefully dispensing drips of black paint onto the surface. The acidic paint ate away at the Styrofoam, creating organic forms that mimic the process of decomposition.

Text and Images via Spoon & Tamago


  1. I have done this! And when I saw the shrikage, I did something similar, although nearly this cool.

  2. :)

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