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Gocen: A Handwritten Notation Interface for Musical Performance and Learning Music

Since the 1960s, Optical Music Recognition (OMR) has become a mature technology. But there have been only a few studies of hand-written notation and interactive systems for OMR. This project combines notation with performance to make music more intuitive easier to learn.

With Gocen’s unique, intuitive interaction, users can enjoy writing musical notation and playing instruments at the same time. They can make sounds by passing the green bar on the computer display through simplified notes while pressing the “manual play” button. The system detects the size of the musical notation and interprets it as the control note velocity. While playing a note, users can change the pitch of the note by moving the device vertically to simulate a vibrato. They can change instruments by selecting text that designates instrument names: pf(piano), bs(bass), gt(guitar), dr(drums), etc. Users can also record audio events in a timeline by pressing the “recording” button. Each recorded note is set in the quantized timeline.

Text via Siggraph

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