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The Accidental Futurist: Steven M. Johnson’s Alternate Realities

Steven M. Johnson (b. 1938) is a former urban planner and future trends analyst from California, who defines himself in terms of Chinese astrology as a tiger “with a tendency to rush forward, defend the weak, and be foolishly brave.” Since the early 1970s, he has been creating scores of alternative products and systems—on paper—that he hopes will benefit “or at least amuse” his fellow consumer-citizens. “His ideas, and his methods for arriving at ideas, are somewhat unique,” he writes in the third person on his website. “He has perhaps benefited from having had little formal instruction in art, nor training in engineering or industrial design. Curious images have filled his mind during weekends and odd free moments.”

Excerpt of an article written by Steven Heller at The Atlantic. Continue HERE

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