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MAS Context: Communicating Through Exhibitions

IKEA disobedients by Andrés Jaque, Performance & Arquitectura curated by Ariadna Cantis, Tabacalera Madrid, November 2011. © Jorge López Conde

MAS Context‘s questionnaire to artists Ariadna Cantis, Elias Redstone, Felipe Chaimovich, Michael Kubo, Mirko Zardini, Pedro Gadanho, Vladimir Belogolovsky, and Zoë Ryan.

Read it HERE

MAS Context, a quarterly journal created by MAS Studio, addresses issues that affect the urban context. Each issue delivers a comprehensive view of a single topic through the active participation of people from different fields and different perspectives who, together, instigate the debate.

MAS Context is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization based in Chicago, Illinois. Donations to MAS Context are tax-deductible.

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