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On Charisma: who has it, and how to get it

Whether you’re a seductress, a political leader, or simply seeking that prized ability to “inspire great enthusiasm and devotion”, as one dictionary defines charisma, the idea that it can be taught is hardly new: Dale Carnegie’s 1936 manual, How to Win Friends and Influence People, has sold more than 15million copies worldwide. But now Fox Cabane is transforming what was considered an art into a science, one that is frankly scary at times. “It’s all about learning to play chemist with your brain,” she explains. “If you’re able to flood your body with oxytocin [the love hormone] whenever you want, your body language will be transformed. People will want to be near you.” Fox Cabane estimates that three sessions of around a couple of hours can transform a reasonably personable person into someone magnetic.

Dr Nicole Gehl, a psychotherapist, is cynical, suggesting that what Fox Cabane offers is little more than a gimmick. “Charisma is a personality characteristic and personality traits are moderately to highly heritable. Truly charismatic people genuinely like other people. The emotional component of that is really hard to fake.”

Excerpt of an article written by Julia Llewellyn Smith, at The Telegraph. Continue HERE

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