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“Your name is a bar code.” Meet ROBOT-Rx, The Robot Pharmacist Doling Out 350 Million Doses Per Year

Meet ROBOT-Rx, the automated medication dispensing system. Made by medical technologies supplier McKesson Corp, ROBOT-Rx is like the vending machine of the future, except it hands out drugs instead of candybars. And it might surprise you to know that over a third of medium and large hospital pharmacies in the US are already using ROBOT-Rx to fill 350 million medication doses each year.

The robot automates every step – except prescription, humans still do that, for the time being. But storage, selection, return, restock, and record-keeping are all carried out by ROBOT-Rx. And as you might imagine, ROBOT-Rx doesn’t make a lot of mistakes, filling medications with a 99.9 percent accuracy, according to the company. Pharmacists reduce their need to double-check orders by 90 percent, missing medications are reduced by 92 percent, and inventory is lower. In the end, ROBOT-Rx saves the hospital 54 percent on medication costs.

This text is an excerpt of an article written by Peter Murray, at Singularity Hub. Continue HERE

Key Benefits, according to McKesson:

– Increases medication filling accuracy to 99.9%
– Cuts pharmacist checking labor by 90%
– Reduces technician labor by 72%
– Cuts missing medications by 92%
– Trims inventory by 10-20%
– Lowers expired medication costs by 54%.

“Key Benefits” and Images via McKesson

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