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An appropriation is a type of inhabitation: Keg Apartment, by Aristide Antonas

Starting with Benjamin’s idea on the essay as a passage between fragments, Antonas expands his vision of today’s civilization as a massive reordering of existing items: “In this archeology of the given we are called to discover, crop, cut, paste, distort and transform”. Collage becomes a conceptual attitude of condensation rather than a simple technique, a way to comprehend the real in order to appropriate it, as we need to appropriate to inhabit.

The Keg Apartment proposes such an inhabitation, in form of a program, using existing vehicles as a system of “abandoned spaces”, transforming them into movable holiday rooms or small offices. The project aims to make a statement on the art-work and the process of art creation, where naming, defining, mixing fragments and recontexualizing are identified for their self-conscious artistic character, while we feel that the etherotopic – architectural – value of movable habitations lies just on the background.

Excerpt of a text by Fosco Lucarelli at Socks-Studio. Continue HERE

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