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Beyond Class: Societies in Flux

The days are supposed to be over when the social arc of our lives was determined by the class we were born into. Governments have leveled the playing field, and elites have ceded power to everyone else. Yet today, class still matters.

Political parties across the globe still claim to represent particular social classes. In the developed world, the big prize is the middle class-the class that most people say they belong to. In some places, populist movements appeal to working people. But that hasn’t stopped politicians on both the left and right from claiming to have eradicated class difference.

This series of stories explores these issues through the eyes of a disparate group of individuals: a bank employee in Egypt, a TV producer in Ukraine, an Indian scientist in New Jersey, a farmer in China, a former mineworker in Britain.

I: A Life’s Path Determined at Age Eleven
II: Tahrir Square: Revolution – the Struggle and Sacrifice for Middle Class
III: Class in the Shadow of Ukraine’s Orange Revolution
IV: India: Searching for Your Caste Online
V: Indians in America: Caste Adrift
VI: Class in Rural China: What Has Changed Since Mao Zedong Visited
VII: Britain’s Long Love Affair with Class, and Its Brief Fling with Classlessness

Text and Image via The World

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