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Ventricular assist system keeps failing hearts beating

A ventricular assist system, or VAD, is a implantable device that is used to help a failing heart pump blood through the body, often while the patient is awaiting a heart transplant. It consists of a control system and an energy supply worn outside the body and a pump implanted by the heart or in the abdominal pouch. VADs are generally used to take blood from the left ventricle or deliver it to the aorta. They may also be used to take blood from the right ventricle and deliver it to the pulmonary artery. The latest VADs use continuous-flow pumps that use electric currents to spin a rotor that accelerates blood through the pump. The rotor uses electromagnetic or hydrodynamic suspension instead of ball-bearing suspension, reducing wear-and-tear on the rotor. Source: American Heart Association, FDA

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