Fifth-Dimension Dentistry Treatment – Tatsuyuki Tanaka

GIRL: Not yet?

GIRL: Are they really going to do it?
BOY: I’m telling you, they’ll do it. Watch.

DOCTOR: So… what seems to be the problem?

PATIENT: Uh, it’s just some pain in one of my back teeth. Uh…
DOCTOR: Mmm hmm.

DOCTOR: I see. The root of your pain does not exist in our dimension. Kishikawa-kun, go get the usual stuff.


DOCTOR: This machine will expand your body into the fifth dimension. Then we’ll get rid of what’s causing your toothache.


PATIENT: Uh… I think it’s just a cavity. What the hell is this?
NURSE: Please don’t move.

DOCTOR: Just relax. This is a long lost technique from the Golden Age that I managed to get my hands on. Trust me.

NURSE: Here we go!


NURSE: Heave-ho! Heave-ho!
DOCTOR: Looking good. Looking good.
PATIENT: Everything’s starting to look distorted.

PATIENT: I… I can see little people.
DOCTOR: That’s fine.

DOCTOR: Kishikawa-kun. See the toothache spores sprouting up over there? Cut them off.
PATIENT: Oh, that feels nice.

NURSE: Doctor. The handle is stuck. It won’t turn back.
DOCTOR: Again? It’s such an old machine.

NURSE: What should we do?
DOCTOR: Just leave it. It’ll come unstuck eventually.
GIRL: Wow.
BOY: Amazing.

PATIENT: Doctor!!!
DOCTOR: Don’t worry. Don’t worry.
GIRL: Fifth-dimension treatment!
BOY: Yeah!

Amazon Reviews: Enthusiasts of contemporary comic art are in for a treat with this compelling collection of artwork from Tanaka Tatsuyuki, whose credits include storyboards for Gainax Studio’s Secret of Blue Water and work with Studio 4C. In the vein of progressive world class comic artists including Katsuya Terada and Mobius, Tatsuyuki’s illustration work ranges from the innocence of Moomins to nightmarish urban imagery of robots, punks, violence and weird and twisted indescribable beings.

Published in Cannabis Works (2003) // Scans via Digik Gallery. Translated by Pink Tentacle.

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