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Empty Sky: Hoboken 9/11 Memorial

Designed by Frederic Schwartz Architects, the Empty Sky 9/11 Memorial consists of twin cement and stainless steel walls, 12 feet apart, 30 feet high and 210 feet long, that reflect the changing light of day creating a halo effect at dusk and dawn as the sun hits the parallel walls. The corridor created by these two walls dramatically draws the eye to the vacant (empty) space where the towers once stood. Working with graphic designer Alexander Isley, it was decided to engrave the names of the victims in ITC Bodoni 12 in a larger size than is usual in memorials, using a cap height of 3.6 inches, spacing the names out so that none of them are broken, and allowing for the families of the victims to easily create rubbings of their names, if they so choose. Other consultants on the project include Ove Arup & Partners Structural Engineers and Arnold Associates as the landscape architects.

Text and Images via CollabCubed

One thought on “Empty Sky: Hoboken 9/11 Memorial

  1. Reblogged this on Namaste Consulting Inc. and commented:
    Simplicity is genius! What I like about this is that it reminds me that to honor those we love, we don’t have to do a lot, say a lot, and yet still create something that is long lasting and important to us!
    I also like the simple design given all the fighting about what was to be done down at “ground zero”.
    We all need a place to go, a touchstone, a way to connect with those we’ve lost. Some of us do it in our hearts and minds, some of us do it with our actions…
    Think about the places in your life that you have created healing spaces to care for your own grief.

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