i-Map: Interactive Map on Migration by ICMPD

At the end of 2006, the ICMPD, Europol and Frontex developed an interactive instrument at the service of MTM partner states for the purpose of exchanging information on the migratory situation in states around the Mediterranean and supporting the development and implementation of cooperation initiatives. The MTM i-Map provides both a visualization of the situation along with a presentation of the threats and risks faced by the MTM Arab and European partner states. It also shows past, present and future evolutions of migratory flows and routes.

At the event “MTM Launching Conference of the ICMPD-Europol-Frontex Project Towards a Comprehensive Response to Mixed Migration Flows” from 13 – 14 November 2006 in Porto, the MTM partner agencies introduced the i-Map and informed the participants of its availability online as a secured website.

On 31 January 2007, the i-Map was officially launched with restricted access to users having a password and a username. In January 2008, after a successful test phase, MTM partner agencies presented an upgraded version of this information-exchange and analysis instrument at the “Geneva Project Closing Conference”. Among many improvements, a customer-oriented approach, a three-level analysis of migration information (local, national and regional) and access in the three languages of the MTM (Arabic, English and French), represent the most significant upgrades.

The 2008 version presented was forseen to include a public interface that would allow access to a larger public. This public interface would only allow for visual information to be displayed and with detailed migration analysis and other features remaining under strict restricted access. This version is not yet online. The aim of the “Project Closing Conference” was to present the future possible evolution of the i-Map and generate interest with concerned parties, namely with regards to funding.

The current online version of the 2007 i-Map represents a starting point in the development of this comprehensive information-sharing and analysis instrument. The Secretariat of the MTM is currently exploring the development of an i-Map covering both the MTM Pillar I (migration security) and the MTM Pillar II (migration development). A comprehensive interactive map in the three languages of the Dialogue (Arabic, English and French) will be elaborated pending adequate resources.

Only partner states and partner organizations can have access to the i-Map. Persons who wish to obtain a password and a username, should send a formal request to the MTM Secretariat.

Text via i-Map

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