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Gay, dismal, Greek(,) politics

And the social science — not a “gay science,” but a rueful –which finds the secret of this universe in “supply and demand,” and reduces the duty of human governors to that of letting men alone, is also wonderful. Not a “gay science,” I should say, like some we have heard of; no, a dreary, desolate and, indeed, quite abject and distressing one; what we might call, by way of eminence, the dismal science.” Thomas Carlyle.

“Economics is a serious subject” Joan Robinson.

“And ‘when laughter and gaiety are found, thinking is good for nothing’- that is the prejudice of this serious beast against all ‘gay science’” Friedrich Nietzsche.

“The less education a man has, or in other words, the less he knows of the specific connection of the objects to which he directs his observations, the greater is his tendency to launch out into all sorts of empty possibilities. An instance of this habit in the political sphere is seen in the pot-house politician.” (G.W. F. Hegel, Encyclopedia of the Philosophical Sciences)

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