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Roman presence in the region of Maya thousands of years before Columbus’s arrival – Maya researchers “astounded” by Comalcalco brick

Great drawing, by Maya scholar Sven Gronemeyer, of the “2012” carving on Tortuguero Monument 6 which, like the Comalcalco brick, fails to prove the Mayans thought 2012 would be the end of the world. (From

After years of hosting legitimate archaeological research within its 365 acre nature reserve and through its Natural History Centre, Chaa Creek Maya research coordinators said they are astounded by the revelations surrounding news of the so-called Comalcalco brick discovered in Mexico.

TANN: Some of the startling finds could indicate an ancient Roman presence in the region thousands of years before Columbus’s arrival, according to researchers at the Comalcalco archaeological site.

“When we first heard news that another ancient Maya reference to 2012 had been discovered by the Mexican National Institute of Anthropology and History, we began searching for every bit of information we could find, but with the careful skepticism you apply to anything associated with 2012,” Chaa Creek’s Maya Tunkul project coordinator Larry Waight said today November 30 2011.

“While the association to December 21 2012 is under debate, we’re astounded by other information coming from the site. Potentially, this is one of the greatest finds of the century,” he added.

Ever since the Seattle Times ran an article in November 2011 about a 2012 reference discovered at the Comalcalco Maya archaeological site in Mexico’s Tabasco state, the internet has been running hot with stories and speculation about the implications of the find. As there is only one other specific prediction as to December 21 2012 from the ancient Maya – the well-known and controversial Tortuguero stela 6, the Comalcalco find galvanised 2012 doomsday theorists. Continue HERE

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