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…on memory

This episode includes the participation of: Alberto Aguilar, Manuel Aguilar, Madeleine Aguilar, Joaquin Aguilar, and Judy Venard. Alberto came to Wanderlust a month ago along with Federico Cattaneo (Here.) This time Alberto came with his family, who I had the honor to meet for the first time on the radio station. During two hours we had a very relaxed, inconclusive, and sweetly cacophonous conversation about memory. We embraced charming digressions, musical distractions, while drinking jasmine tea, sharing memory bread, appreciating accent as memory, enjoying our conversation as music, and our words as sound.
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Playlist / Partial Timeline

00:00:00′ = Tea kettle boiling water with Sobhilai Swagat Cha (NEPAL) from the album Le Chant des Enfants du Monde.
00:06:50′ = Failing Memory or Intelligence / Alberto Aguilar and Madeleine Aguilar
00:25:16′ = Let me call you sweetheart / We don’t remember who…do you?
00:31:18′ = Joaquin and Madeleine Jam along Footsteps In Mud (field recording.)
00:36:33′ = Name of the song….hmmmm…/ Guty Cardenas
00:39:40′ = Flor / Guty Cardenas
00:49:30′ = Background: Washing My Hair / Luna Montgomery
01:23:35′ = Background: Prizewinning (excerpt) / Julianna Barwick
01:34:03′ = Memory stick Internet Song / all of us
01:37:33′ = Background: Wwwdot / Flying Lotus
01:38:47′ = Background: Pea bwé (excerpt) / Jean Zuibona

From left to bottom: Manuel Aguilar, Madeleine Aguilar, Joaquin Aguilar, Alberto Aguilar, Judy Venard, and me.

* All the extra sounds decorating this sonic painting come from personal field recordings, and open source sound effects.

Assembled by Wanderlust

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