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Do what you want to Do (with a little restrain)

This episode includes the participation of two very special guests:

Alberto Aguilar and Federico Cattaneo.

When I invited Alberto and Federico, I had in mind doing a show in where they could talk about their visual work in musical ways. One of the most important aspects of this encounter is the fact that these two artists met for the first time at the radio station. Alberto and I were also hanging out for the first time and got to know each other over the two hours that we spent in a small radio studio (provided by Freeradiosaic.) During our experiment, we exchanged mumblings, interjections, songs, sounds, memories, forgetfulness, artwork, chords, discords, accents, mispronunciations, objects, and subjects sprinkled with dragees of the fragile male psyche. For more information about these two artists, you can click on their names to go to their websites.

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Playlist / Partial Timeline

00:00:00′ = Wanderlust Intro (musical background: First Job by Henry Mancini)
00:01:25′ = This is the introduction / Alberto Aguilar
00:05:40′ = Little Red Rhumbahood/S.S. Rhythm / Sam The Drummer (played to break the ice)
00:14:00′ = Drawing / Alberto Aguilar
00:14:45′ = First visual work / Federico Cattaneo
00:15:40′ = Olodum / Bahia Black (played to heal the discomfort left by Sam the Drummer)
00:26:04′ = In The Aeroplane Over The Sea / Neutral Milk Hotel (Alberto’s choice)
00:30:28′ = Response to Alberto’s painting (Vision of St. Eustice) / Federico Cattaneo
00:32:52′ = Tapping To Hell / Christof Dienz (song dedicated to Federico)
00:36:15′ = Alberto describes “Vision of St. Eustice” with the Itunes window covering half of it.
00:37:27′ = Uncoordinated jamming over “Viagem” by Guem
00:39:39′ = Federico and Alberto tune in
00:45:27′ = Gravity Jam over Omar Khorshid’s Sabirine
00:52:26′ = Brownie sucks fan / Spirit Elevating Brains
00:59:06′ = Meet at 21 / Alberto Aguilar
01:02:44′ = Federico says nice to meet you
01:04:48′ = The Art of Heart Auscultation / G.W. Manning, M.D., Ph.D. (with our spontaneous interruptions)
01:08:10′ = a new ephemeral guest enters the studio (Clare Torina)
01:12:30′ = Excerpt from Peter Blake 2000 (Super Furry Animals, The Beatles) by Paul McCarney
01:14:43′ = Claire comes up with our title
01:16:59′ = Band on the Run / The Langley Schools Music Project (Alberto’s choice)
01:26:46′ = Family Move / Alberto Aguilar and Family
01:31:38′ = Federico answers a particular question with his guitar
01:33:29′ = Federico uses his actual human voice (covering Pink Floyd)
01:37:47′ = My favorite song (Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict from Pink Floyd’s Ummagumma) is destroyed by our interruptions
01:43:10′ = Goodbye Jam with the “Do what you want to Do (with a little restrain)” song

* All the extra sounds decorating this sonic painting come from personal field recordings, and open source sound effects.

Assembled by Wanderlust

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