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Limit(e) Beckett: A New Online Academic Journal

Limit(e) Beckett is a collaborative project and an online resource, aimed at promoting the study and appreciation of Beckett across existing borders. We want to foster dialogue between the francophone and anglophone worlds, between established and emerging scholars, between academic and non-academic readers, and between different disciplines and across different media.

Our website, at is the heart of this project. It provides several approaches to our central aim: as journal, as creative showcase, and as online resource. Limit(e) Beckett is a new and innovative peer reviewed bilingual journal, which publishes scholarly articles on Beckett and the limit(e). Our first issue features articles in French and English, on Beckett and philosophy, Beckett and the arts, and Beckett across languages. The website will also be a showcase of Beckett’s wide influence beyond academia, featuring creative engagements with Beckett’s work in the visual arts, film, contemporary writing and beyond. Finally, Limit(e) Beckett also offers a valuable online resource for Beckett enthusiasts, making out-of-print works of criticism available online, and collecting information about upcoming events and useful resources.

In order to ground this online resource in a real community, we organize occasional events around this broader project. We launched this project in 2009 with a highly successful conference in Paris that brought speakers from the UK, the US, France and beyond, and featured both academic papers and an exhibition of artworks inspired by Beckett. We hope to hold further events in the future.”


Samuel Beckett: Debts and Legacies, 2010 SEMINAR PODCAST

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