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Ayurvedic Shilajit, ‘conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness’ contains humates (humic & fulvic acids).
Fulvic Acid is fragments of DNA from past generations of living organisms, giving life, energy, health, immunity, and renewal to Earth and all of its life forms. It has innate intelligence accumulated in its complex structure (above drawing) to protect and support life and is one of the key factors of enzyme reactions within all living cells supporting longevity, optimum health and all life as we know it. As a natural electrolyte it balances and energizes biological properties inside you (or you can also use it on open pores). This electrical potential enables cell balance, replication and construction which is the main factor for life, health and well being.
Humic Acid increases energy with improvement in morale .. decreased appetite, deeper & higher-quality sleep, less pain from physical injuries.
Humates are over-all healing, allowing more oxygen into the body and blocking the production of stress-causing hormones … (thanx to elenakulikova)

Shilajit in Perspective
Conscious Planet

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