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Happy 100th Anniversary of Futurism!


The history of Futurism begins on 20 February 1909 in Paris with the publication of the first Futurist manifesto in the large-circulation daily, Le figaro. Its author, the wealthy Italian poet, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, writing from his luxurious villa rosa in Milan, had selected the Parisian public as the target of his manifesto of ‘incendiary violence’. Such attacks on the establishment values of the painting and literary academies were not infrequent in a city enjoying its reputation as the ‘cultural capital of the world’.

marinetti_dune Dune, parole in libertà 6:05 (1914)

Thanks to Melanie for reminding me.

One thought on “Happy 100th Anniversary of Futurism!

  1. Hi Cd you tell me where the second Futuism illustration is taken from? Do you know if it is reproduced in a readily avalable book?

    thanks very much

    Tan Lin

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