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Crowd Technologies (hmmmm)

Crowd surveillance is nothing new my big brotha! In any case, here is a great selection of articles put together by Pruned. Click on the titles to check the articles.

051018_3_crowds_1Counting Crowds: it’s all politics really.

060403_1_parkless_1The Parkless Park: the pageantry of mass psychology.

061006_crowd_dynamics_1Crowd Dynamics Ltd.: services include crowd control modeling, evacuation planning, traffic management, pedestrian flow engineering, and queuing analysis.

walking around in OPedestrian Laboratory: subjecting human test subjects to urban nightmares in order to make public spaces more user-friendly.

070205_jamarat_1Reconfiguring the Jamarat Bridge

nagasadhusThe Kumbh Mela Array: people power, Part I.

633475421_82837cbd2f_oModeling Urban Panic: can you predict crowd behavior? If so, what would that mean to the built environment?

1300143842_31320b1732_oCrowded: people power, Part II.

US-THE-ARMED-FORMapping the Inauguration:imagining a multi-touch urban planning orgy.

Thanks to Pruned

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