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Songs for Cooper-Moore

Yesterday, I had the chance to experience a set by the musical magician-storyteller Cooper-Moore.
This selection of tracks is specifically dedicated to Mr. Gene Y. Ashton. Thank you again and again. Thank you for transporting us to those magical sonic towns where troubadours shared their wisdom and visions.

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Starting Time= Artist / Song / Album

00:00:00′ = intro Wanderlust (background sound by Ellen Brand)
00:01:00′ = Gilberto Gil / Meteorum / Z: 300 Anos de Zumbi
00:07:01′ = Rafael Santa Cruz & Afroperu / Juego De Percusión / Solo Cajón
00:08:52′ = Rafael Santa Cruz & Afroperu / Son De Los Diablos / Solo Cajón
00:09:29′ = Naná Vasconcelos / Fui Fuio (Na Praca) / Storytelling
00:13:31′ = Diego El Cigala / Dos Lágrimas / María de la O
00:17:20′ = Tom Zé / Defect 2: Curiosidade / Com Defeito de Fabricacao
00:21:23′ = Bolivia Manta / Carnival Huamanguino / Tinkuna
00:24:43′ = Glen Velez / Bodhran / Internal Combustion
00:31:07′ = Chico Science & Nação Zumbi / Baiao Ambiental / Afrociberdelia
00:33:33′ = Toto La Momposina / Puya Puyara / Music of the Atlantic Coast
00:37:14′ = Naná Vasconcelos / Clementina (No Terreiro) / Storytelling
00:40:45′ = Hermeto Pascoal / Maturi / Montreux Jazz Festival
00:45:28′ = Hermeto Pascoal / Quebrando Tudo / Montreux Jazz Festival
00:51:06′ = Eddie Palmieri / Oyelo que te conviene / El Rey de Las Blancas Y Las Negras
00:57:37′ = Toto La Momposina / El Piano de Dolores / Music of the Atlantic Coast
01:00:50′ = Tom Zé / Defect 14: Xiquexique / Com Defeito de Fabricacao
01:06:23′ = wander talk…
01:06:53′ = Cooper-Moore / Emancipation (Ashimba) / The Cedar Box Recordings
01:10:10′ = Cooper-Moore / The Sunday Tale / The Cedar Box Recordings
01:15:58′ = Cooper-Moore / Sweet Hour of Prayer / The Cedar Box Recordings
01:17:59′ = extro

Assembled by Wanderlust

For more information about Cooper-Moore click below:


One thought on “Songs for Cooper-Moore

  1. Sebastian,

    How are you.
    I know this has been up for a while.

    Thank you very much.
    What a set to be included in.

    Nana! I had the opportunity to sit in with Don Cherry at the Village Vanguard, 1987, and Nana was on the first row. The whole time playing I was thinking of him being there.

    I only heard Glen Velez live twice, once at a NY loft in 1974 where he was playing for dancers, and not again until 1985 at a program at the New School that included Steve Reich, Pauline Oliveros, and Elliot Carter. He became an important personage in my learning and listening.

    Hermeto is a genius.

    Twenty years ago when my wife and I moved from the East Village to El Barrio I would often hear Eddie Palmieri rehearsing his band at Museo El Barrio on 5th Avenue. I feel blessed that I am able to hear such bands.

    Again, thank you for considering me anywhere near the other on this particular set list.


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