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Jazzylicious Infusions and Illusions

A super-premium selection of jazz, quasi-jazz, and other fusions that resemble jazz. Made for you with groovy love. Enjoy!

–Credit the artists…Keep it healthy!–

(Wanderlust does not intend to bring you the latest work out there. Instead, it aims at providing you a select group of pieces produced in different times, locations, and contexts. Perhaps with the desire to create a unique aural experience.)


(part uno)
00:00′ = intro Wanderlust (music by Spirit Elevating Brains)

Medeski Martin & Wood
album: Last Chance to Dance Trance (perhaps) The Best (1991-96)

02:50′ = The Lover
09:36′ = Macha
12:58′ = Beeah

Hank Jones meets Cheick-Tidiane Seck and the Mandinkas
album: Sarala

21:04′ = Tounia Kanibala
28:58′ = Måké
36:05′ = Walidi Ya

Michel Camilo
album: Michel Camilo

44:25′ = Suite Sandrine Part 1
50:37′ = Yarey
55:03′ = Caribe


(part dos)


album: Outer Space/Inner Space

00:00′ = Outer Space/Inner Space
05:38′ = Inner Spacesuit

Romano, Sclavis, Texier
album: Carnet de Routes

13:35′ = Standing Ovation (for Mandela)
17:58′ = Vol

album: Beat Konducta Vol. 1-2

24:49′ = Face the Sun (Africa)
26:39′ = Third Ear (More)
28:17′ = Pyramids (Change)
30:12′ = Eternal Broadcaster (Authentic)

Jaco Pastorius
album: Jaco Pastorius

33:36′ = Okonkole Y Trompa

Hermeto Pascoal & Grupo
album: Hermeto Pascoal & Grupo

38:32′ = Magimani Sagei


Assembled by Wanderlust

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