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Guy Ben-Ner’s Treehouse Kit

“In Treehouse Kit, Ben-Ner offers a hilarious new reading of the myth of Robinson Crusoe and our ready-to-assemble society. The installation consists of two components: a modular, wood sculpture—the tree—and a video in which the artist himself plays Crusoe, complete with his symbolic attributes: a long beard and… blue-flowered Bermuda shorts! Parodying “how-to” videos and the illusion of “building” from a kit, our latter-day Crusoe dismantles the tree and cleverly puts it back together in the form of furniture: a rocking chair, a table, a parasol, a bed. The simultaneous presentation of the two parts (video and sculpture) takes us on a circular journey in which the furniture made from the tree is actually the material from which the tree was created, and so forth.”
(text by MACM)



One thought on “Guy Ben-Ner’s Treehouse Kit

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