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The Hacking Lifestyle

Hacking has been part of our lifestyles for many year now. We all hack to a certain degree. The term hackingis used for different purposes and is commonly used to refer to illegal activity performed by computer experts. However, hacking can take different forms and approaches. It can go from furniture and architecture to toys and other electronic devices. Hacking basically refers to the act of customizing of modifying everyday products to improve their functionality, re-purpose them for conceptual reasons, pure entertainment or a clever fusion of all the previously mentioned. Today, hacking practice and theories are used in different fields as a tool to reveal how systems are built and learning how they operate. Something that should become mandatory in our societies.

Just in case you are new to this subject (i don’t thinks so), I am going to bombard you with a selection of links that can inform you in more specific ways or take you through the different hacking avenues.


‘greewich tea time’ table & ‘low waist’ bookshelf by moebler. (

‘laptop desk’ by adam – a simple saw turns a stool into a lapdesk. (


Shipping containers become homes.(WebUrbanist)

Airplane fuselage public library proposal. (Noticias Arquitectura)


‘shopping bike’ by ryan mcfarland & ‘my railbike’ by jesse ingham (Wired)


Handmade circuit bending devices by Brazilian noisician Pan&Tone
( Pan&Tone )

Bent Festival DiY electronics. BENT

Modified Toy Orchestra

….and more more “Hackyness”:

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