Sonic/Musical · Wandercasts

Music for Creative Reading 01

These soft and gentle frequencies are waiting for you. Allow them to enter your realm and take you to a place where thoughts become fluffy pink clouds.

–Credit the artists…Keep it healthy!–

(Wanderlust does not intend to bring you the latest work out there. Instead, it aims at providing you a select group of pieces produced in different times, locations, and contexts. Perhaps with the desire to create a unique aural experience.)

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Starting Time= Artist / Song / Album

00:00’= Wanderlust Intro
00:20’= To Rococo Rot / Polo Star / .CD
01:11’= Tod Dockstader / Dada / Aerial # 1
05:25’= David Dunn / Tabula Angelorum Bonorum 49, Part III / Angels & Insects
09:20’= Milieu / Lazy Days on our hillside / Aurora Borealis
13:20’= Minamo / Asa / Beautiful
19:20’= I.O.S. /Cityscape (Cast_Back) / Evening at Room40
20:56’= Yuichiro Fujimoto / Drawing of Stars / Kinoe
27:20’= Zane Trow / Arcade / Evening at Room40
29:04’= SATORI / Behind the Sky / Invisible Rythm
33:44’= Colleen / Les Ondes Silencieuses /Les Ondes Silencieuses
39:20’= Goem / Comp Twee / Microscopic Sound
45:44’= Motionfield / Enter the Polar Circle / Northern Lights
49:52’= Zs / Red on Still / Music for Plants (Disc 1)
53:20’= Scanner / I Cannot Forget ? Netmage 04
58:13’= Jan Jenilek / Lemminge und lurchen inc. / Kosmischer pitch

Mixed By Wanderlust

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